Samples of Rubrics

Example 1: Title – Changing Communities in Our City (Oral Presentation Rubric)

Task Description: Each student will make a 5-minute presentation on the changes in one Portland community over the past thirty years. The students may focus the presentation in any way he or she wishes, but there needs to be a thesis of some sort, not just a chronological exposition. The presentation should include appropriate photographs, maps, graphs and other visual aids for the audience.

Example 2: Title – Research Foundations (Research Paper Rubric)

Task Description: You are to find at least 10 research articles related to your project topic. You will write a 10- page review of these articles that shows how they relate to and contribute to your understanding of your topic.

Example 3: Title – Film Presentation (Group Project Rubric)

Task Description: Working in groups of four or five, students will develop an analysis of a Japanese or American movie about World War II. This analysis should go beyond a simple synopsis of the movie to discuss how well or poorly the film reflects a particular point of view about the war. All group members are expected to participate.

Example 4: Title – Online/Blackboard Discussion Forum (Discussion Board Rubric)

Task Description: Each student is expected to participate weekly in the online discussion forum. Participation means: address the weekly question on the discussion forum submitted by the instructor, and respond to at least two other discussion forum posts that other students have made.

Rubric for Rubric by Dr. Mullinix

Great resource of samples of rubrics from University of Idaho

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