About the Blog:

This blog is edited and managed by Ally Kimmel and The Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching & Professional Development. This blog is about professional development opportunities and techniques, instructional strategies, technological tools, and educational resources written for Pace Faculty. The Faculty Center seeks to engage all faculty in an active and continuing process of reflection, experimentation, growth, research and scholarship. The Center supports instructional innovation, cultivates dynamic pedagogy and encourages effective, measurable instructional outcomes.

MISSION: The Faculty Center is a key resource within the Office of Academic Affairs that promotes and provides various professional development opportunities to all faculty. As the educational environment continually evolves, the Center is committed to support teaching as a scholarly process focused on fostering significant learning for all students, simultaneously recognizing and rewarding faculty who practice scholarly teaching. A primary goal for the Center is to cultivate and support a vibrant university culture that values excellence in teaching and learning. The Center recognizes that students benefit from teachers who practice innovative teaching and that no one is better situated to conduct the scholarship of teaching than those engaged with students on a regular basis. In addition the Center offers workshops, consultations and mentoring that support faculty development especially in the area of tenure and promotion, as well as post-tenure including professional leadership development. The Center supports all faculty inclined to conduct scholarship and research in order to succeed.

About the Bloggers:

Ally Kimmel headshotAlly Kimmel is the manager of faculty support and course design. She is the editor of The Faculty Center Blog involved with researching content, attending events and workshops, and taking courses on instructional methods, design, pedagogy, and technology tools. She is also involved in The Faculty Center’s events, such as The Faculty Institute, Instructional Development Day, Best Practices Conference, and Teaching Effectively Online Seminars. Aside from the blog, she manages the digital studio in NYC (records and edits videos/audios); is certified in Quality Matters; compiles data in regards to courses, online education, and faculty; runs the Online Learning Orientation; and distributes early student evaluations. She also assists faculty with Tenure & Promotion. Ally holds a Bachelors in English Literature & Writing as well as a Masters degree in Publishing from Pace University. Contact Ally Kimmel: akimmel@pace.edu | 212-346-1471

Karen Ferro is a graduate of Pace University’s Lubin School of Business.  She has worked in several of the colleges at Pace University including the Elisabeth Haub School of Law, the School of Education and the College of Health Professions.  Karen holds the position of Evening Instructional Support Coordinator with the Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching & Professional Development.

Mirena Llukovi

Jim Stenerson serves as the executive director of the Faculty Center for Innovative Teaching & Professional Development. Some of Jim’s accomplishments in this role include serving as principal investigator for a $3 million grant from the Verizon Foundation, developing and teaching the first online public speaking course, and designing and implementing a full-motion video conferencing network for the delivery of courses between campuses. Jim is also an adjunct associate professor at Pace and is currently co-advisor to the Gay-Straight Alliance student organization. Jim is a chairperson of the Westchester County LGBT Advisory Board and a member of the Yonkers Historical Society. He has also served on the board of directors for SAGE (Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders) and was a member of the City of Yonkers Cable Television Commission. His long list of scholarly achievements includes papers, presentations, lectures, and conference and roundtable facilitation at conferences and roundtables on faculty development and information technology. Jim holds a Ph.D. in Information Science, with a concentration in the philosophy of technology. Contact Jim Stenerson: jstenerson@pace.edu | 914-773-3317

poojajpegPooja Adarkar is a Student Assistant who has graduated from Pace University with a degree in MBA in Marketing Management in 2017. Pooja holds a Master’s degree in Advertising and Marketing from University of Leeds, UK. She has worked in the marketing field for over 3 years and has written blogs on various topics ranging from marketing to management consulting to investment banking. At the Faculty Center, Pooja is responsible for writing blogs as well as developing content for the social media pages.

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